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2018’s Top 10 Java Stories

As ever, Java was heavily featured in tech news during 2018. With many positive steps being taken during this time, it seems likely that 2019 will bring a lot more exciting updates too. Just in case you didn’t manage to see all of the news during 2018, we have put together a list of the top 10 Java stories from the last 12 months for you to take a look at.


REST services and microservices; a Spring Boot tutorial

Here, a simple example is used to demonstrate setting up a REST based microservice using Spring Boot. This could help to deal with the increasing amounts of traffic when hardware is no longer getting any faster to account for it.


Implementing a switch-case statement in Python

When it comes to programming, there is no question that switch-case statements are powerful tools. This article shows you exactly how you can make the most of these in Python.


Apache NetBeans and JDK 9

In the aftermath of the release of JDK 9, there are some decisions to be made regarding your chosen development environment thanks to the fact NetBeans IDE 8.2 doesn’t support JDK 9. This article talks you through the considerations you should have regarding your decision.


Converting a Java String into an Int

There are examples included in this article of how a Java String can be converted into an Int, along with a detailed tutorial on exactly how this can be done.


Clever SQL tricks you didn’t know you needed

Part of the beauty of SQL is the fact that there are lots of nifty little tricks that can be done. Some are seriously useful, others are just fun, but this article puts together ten of the top tricks that you might like to take a look at.


Java machine learning libraries

Machine learning is without a doubt one of the most sought after skills in tech at the moment. Anyone with this skill is in high demand, with companies looking hard for candidates with the right skillset. This article includes a list of the five top machine learning libraries for Java.


Angular V6

Now, Angular V8 is on the horizon, but we shouldn’t forget just how big Angular V6 was in 2018. This release was more about the toolchain than the framework underneath, and the changes that this release brought with it were huge over the previous twelve months.


Using JavaFX in the real world

We all know just how useful Java is, however unless you understand its real-world applications it can be difficult to see the overall purpose of it. This article gives you 20 key examples of exactly how Java can be used in the real world, and shows some apps that have been made by talented developers.


New JavaScript IDEs

If you’re looking for a new IDE for JavaScript, this article gives you lots of ideas. Ideas include Komodo, VS Code and Atom amongst others, giving you plenty to choose from.


Interview Series for Java 10

This release was first seen in March 2018, and in this article, experts are interviewed about many aspects of the software including the new features, making it an interesting read.

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