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Average to Great - How you can become a top Java programmer

When it comes to programming languages, there is no doubt that Java is one of the most popular ones. If you want to be a great Java programmer then there are certain things that you should do, which will not only strengthen you knowledge, but also the employment opportunities open to you.  We have put together a list of great tips for you to take note of.


Strengthen your basics

If you don’t have great basics when it comes to programming, you won’t be able to progress, so this is something that you should make a priority. You don’t have to learn everything at once, and YouTube is a great place to find tutorials that will show you how to deal with certain things. There are certain things that are vital to learn, which are listed below.


- Java 8. Although it isn’t the latest release, you will need those skills if you want a programming job, and learning this can help you in later releases, too.


- Spring Framework. This promotes best practices, leaving you able to deal with modern software in the best possible way.


- Unit testing. Having unit testing skills can really set you apart from other Java programmers. Writing unit testing for your code is important, so learning how to do this should certainly be on your list.


- APIs and libraries. There are many APIs and libraries available, and it is important to be familiar with some of the key choices. Even getting an overview of some of the most popular ones is a good place to start, and it will help cement your Java skills.


- JVM’s intervals. Learning the different parts of the JVM is key if you want to take programming seriously. Knowing this can help your Java applications be more robust, which is of course what you will be aiming for.


- Design patterns. Knowing how to use design patterns will help you to create flexible code which you can change further down the line – and this is something that is hugely important considering how fluid coding needs to be.


- DevOps Tools. Even if you don’t have extensive knowledge about DevOps tools, you should familiarise yourself at least with continuous integration and deployment. This will become more important if you get to the stage of being a senior developer, so if you wish to progress in the industry, this is key knowledge to have.


- Kotlin. Being familiar with different languages is important, and Kotlin is a good choice. This can be a good idea if you are looking to get into Android development in the future, so is a great way to use your time.


- Microservices. Lots of companies are moving towards microservices, meaning that if you want to be relevant to the industry, having this knowledge is a must. There are lots of courses that you can undertake to help with this, and it could be a really good investment into your programming future.


Read as much as you can

Things are always changing in the world of Java, and this means it is vital to keep up to date with all of the changes. You should find a few good, dedicated forums, subscribe to newsletters and follow bloggers. No matter what you do, reading is important, and including things like API documents and tutorials in your reading list will help you a lot.  


Practice your coding

Reading about coding is one thing, but doing it is another. Each time you are learning a new kind of code you should try practicing it, and trying a small project. This can help you to cement the skills that you have learned. You could even advertise your services as a freelancer and take on some projects, as this is a great way to get some experience while earning some money at the same time.


Be dedicated to your programming

Practice makes perfect, and dedication is key. If you put the time into Java, you will have a great chance of really getting to grips with it in the best possible way. You should ensure that you are completely focused on what you are trying to achieve, and you will find that by doing this, you make progress quickly.

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