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January’s Top 10 Java Stories

As usual, there are plenty of great Java stories this month to start the year off. We have put together ten of the top ones for you to take a look at, which you are sure to enjoy if you are interested in Java.

JDK 12: Raw String Literals discussed
Although raw string literals were dropped from JDK 12, discussions are underway about what their future might be. Could this mean that they could reappear in future releases? Only time will tell, but it is certainly an interesting point for discussion.

10 Awesome SQL Tricks
One of the coolest things about programming is the fact that there are always new tricks to try. This article shows you ten of the top current SQL tricks that you can try, and it also shows how you can make use of them in your own projects.

A new maintainability metric
When it comes to tracking maintainability, it is vital to have a good metric. This article takes a look at a new metric that should tick all of your boxes, making it an interesting release, and something to look out for.

Converting a Java String into an Int
This is a great tutorial about how you can convert a Java String to an Int. There are also some helpful examples included, which should help you to get to grips with the process.

Implementing a switch-case statement in Python
When it comes to keeping control in programming, there is no doubt that switch-case statements are an important tool. This means that you will need to know how to implement them, and in this respect this article can help you immensely.

Third beta of Angular v8
The third beta of Angular v8 was released in the middle of January. This is exciting, as it means that once the next milestone has been reached, we will be ready for v8 to be officially released, meaning that we can start to make the most of it.

Python IDEs and code editors
Recently, Python has become even more popular than ever as a coding language. This is most notable when it comes to machine learning and data science, and this article takes a look at some of the most popular code editors and IDEs if you are hoping to use Python as a language.

The 5 best Java IDEs
If you are looking for a new IDE for Java at the moment, this article has put together some of the options that might be the best for you. There are five great ideas here for you to take a look at.

Five best IDEs for React
This is a really popular library for Java, and some of the most popular codes across the internet are powered by it. This article gives you examples of five of the best IDEs and text editors that you would be able to make the most of.

Oracle JDK builds v OpenJDK buildsIn a recent press conference, it was announced the within the next few releases, any difference between Oracle and Open JDK will be removed. This article discusses whether that stage has been reached yet, and also discusses any technical differences that might still remain between the two.
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