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Top 5 February Java and Javascript Stories

Converting a Java String into an Int

Being able to convert a Java String into an Int is a positive skill to learn if you are interested in Java. This article includes a tutorial of how this can be done, and includes a number of examples which means that you can link it to your own work.


Java IDEs: A Top 5

If you are currently on the lookout for a new JavaScript IDE, this article gives you some ideas of the ones you might like to choose, by talking you through five of the most popular choices that other users have made.


Angular v8 is almost here

In January, the beta phase began for Angular v8. Although it has previously been announced that the actual release date has been set for May, it has also been warned that there may be change, so an actual, concrete date cannot be given for the release at this stage.


Counting down to Java 12

Currently, Java 12 is in the release candidate phase, which means that it is almost here. The actual release date will be on March 19th, meaning that many enthusiasts within the industry are currently excited about what the release is going to bring.


This month’s spring boot tutorial

In this month’s tutorial, we learn how to set up a JAVA REST based microservice. Learning how to set these up gives us the chance to deal with the increasing traffic on the internet, which means that our sites and services will stay strong in the long term.


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