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Java Developers Will Avoid Adopting a New Language Anytime Soon

According to a 2018 report, most Java developers do not want to be adopting a new language anytime soon. JetBrains asked more than 1,500 Java developers about their preferences and the way that they learn, and a number of interesting results were found. Of these 1,500 Java developers, most were not interested in learning a new language in the near future.


Report Studies Java Developers

Java is one of the most used programming languages out there, so it only makes sense to study how much time per week developers dedicate to learning something new. JetBrains’ recent report has given an impressive insight into how Java developers learn and work, something that previously hasn’t always been clear.


One of the key things that the report focused on was what language developers are regularly using. When this report was carried out, Java 11 had not long been released and JDK 8 support was still up and running. However, the majority of those asked were still choosing to use Java 8. After Java, the second most used programming language was JavaScript. This is followed by SQL and HTML/CSS. Despite the popularity of these languages, Kotlin still managed to gain momentum among Java Developers.


The report also asked developers whether or not they planned to adopt a new programming language within the next 12 month, or whether they planned to change to something new entirely. The majority of Java developers had no immediate plans to take on another programming language, most of them choosing to stay with Java. But, 17% did show interest in adopting or migrating to Kotlin. This highlights the fact that many developers see Java and Kotlin as two languages that work well together.


JetBrains also explored what IDE features were most popular with Java developers. Code completion, rename factoring and debugger all came out on top. These three features were noted as being the most relevant.

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