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Rebrand FAQs

Q. Will you be changing the registered company name?  

A. Yes, we are also changing our name on Companies House.

Q. Will any other company details be changing?  

A. No, all of our other company details, apart from our name, will remain the same.

Q. Does this affect our contracts or agreements with you?  

A. No, all current contracts and agreements remain unchanged and are still effective.

Q. Will you still invoice as Verticality Ltd?  

A. From 17th February, invoices will be sent from the new company name. We’ll notify you and your finance department of the new company name by email on 17th February, as well as by post. 

Q. Will your bank account details change?  

A. Our bank details will stay the same apart from the account name, so that is the only thing you will have to change when making a payment after the 17th February. 

Any questions we've not answered?? Please give Steve a call on 01933 667 127.

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